What is an Économusée?

An ÉCONOMUSÉE... fun! You can learn about a trade people have relied on for aeons, like pottery or spinning yarn or making soap, and you might even get a chance to try your hand at making something yourself! a 'living museum' where you can discover the history of a craft or trade, meet the artisans, and find out first hand how they are adapting traditional know-how to modern needs. an experience. All ÉCONOMUSÉE have a visitor reception area, a bustling workshop, collections of traditional artefacts and contemporary creations, a documentation area where you can sit and read about the craft, and a boutique where you can purchase a piece of living history to take home. high quality. To join the ÉCONOMUSÉE network, all the artisans have met stringent criteria. The handmade products are top quality, the stories are fascinating, and the smiles are broad and welcoming!

"The Mission of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network is to conserve, develop and present traditional trades in a distinctive manner, and to set-up a country-wide network in order to provide the public with a high quality cultural tourism product."
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